Commit ea07c55f authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger Committed by Eike Ziller

Update changes file

Change-Id: Ib92e679ef24c8dfd30e2a459d4da26769f542f15
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 80835133
......@@ -15,6 +15,13 @@ General
* Add Execute filter to the locator, for executing external commands [by
Yuchen Deng]
Experimental Plugins
* Show todo items in files [by Dmitry Savchenko initial version by
Vasiliy Sorokin]
* Support for autotools-based projects [by Patricia Santana Cruz]
Go to Help->About plugins to enable these!
* Use the QML/JS editor for opening json files (QTCREATORBUG-4639)
* Add basic JSON validation according to the draft at
......@@ -32,8 +39,6 @@ Editing
* Fix layout update when folding/unfolding regions (QTCREATORBUG-6666)
* Fix position of code-assist popup when cursor is outside viewport
* Add experimental plugin for showing "TODO"s in files
[by Dmitry Savchenko, initial version by Vasiliy Sorokin]
* Add "Open with" context menu in resource editor (QTCREATORBUG-4224)
* Add task indicators in the left margin of a line
......@@ -166,7 +171,41 @@ FakeVim
Version control plugins
* Rename the ScmGit plugin to Git
* Rename the VCSBase plugin to VcsBase
* URL and email support in log editors [by Hugues Delorme]
* Completion of classes, files, methods and namespace in commit message
editor [by Hugues Delorme]
* Show icons for files in submit editor [by Hugues Delorme]
Additional credits go to:
Adam Treat (editor improvements)
Andre Hartmann (generic project improvements)
Axsia (translation)
Bai Jing (translation)
Bojan Petrovic (C++ quickfix)
Campbell Barton (color scheme fix)
cnavarro (debugger fix)
Denis Mingulov (Qt5 related fix, debugger fixes, editor fix)
Dmitry Savchenko (todo plugin)
Element9 (C++ quickfix)
Felix Geyer (debugger fix)
Flex Ferrum (C++0x improvements)
Francois Ferrand (Generic Project improvements, C++ improvements)
Hugues Delorme (version control system improvements and fixes)
Jan Kerekes (unit testing)
Joe Hermaszewski (debugging impromevents)
Konstantin Tokarev (generic project fix, Mac related fix)
Martin Aumüller (fakevim fix)
Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos (many fixes, analyzer work)
Orgad Shaneh (*many* bug fixes and lots of polish)
Patricia Santana Cruz (autotools plugin)
Ruben Van Boxem (mingw fixes)
Sergey Belyashov (cmake translation fix)
Steve King (WinCE support fixed)
Tobias Nätterlund (small improment to wizards, QNX work)
tomdeblauwe (whitespace fixes)
Tommi Asp (C++ fix, Symbian fixes)
Vasiliy Sorokin (todo plugin)
Victor Ostashevsky (bug fixes and translations)
Yuchen Deng (*many* bug fixes, exectute command support for the locator)
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