Commit f0a30f4a authored by Sergey Belyashov's avatar Sergey Belyashov Committed by Oswald Buddenhagen
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Next try to fix pointer aliasing issue

Merge-request: 1562
Reviewed-by: default avatarOswald Buddenhagen <>
parent 01106bbc
......@@ -1065,16 +1065,13 @@ static void qDumpInnerValueOrPointer(QDumper &d,
struct ModelIndex { int r; int c; void *p; void *m; };
static inline void
qDeserializeQModelIndex(const char *input, ModelIndex &mm)
sscanf(input, "%d,%d,%p,%p", &mm.r, &mm.c, &mm.p, &mm.m);
static void qDumpQAbstractItem(QDumper &d)
QModelIndex mi;
qDeserializeQModelIndex(d.templateParameters[0], *reinterpret_cast<ModelIndex *>(&mi));
ModelIndex *mm = reinterpret_cast<ModelIndex *>(&mi);
sscanf(d.templateParameters[0], "%d,%d,%p,%p", &mm->r, &mm->c, &mm->p, &mm->m);
const QAbstractItemModel *m = mi.model();
const int rowCount = m->rowCount(mi);
if (rowCount < 0)
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