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The versioning history of a file can be displayed by selecting the
\gui{Log} (for \bold{git}) or \gui{Filelog (for \bold{Perforce} and
\bold{Subversion})} option. Typically,
\bold{Subversion})} option. Typically, the log output will contain the
date, the commit message, and a change or revision identifier. If you
click on the identifier, a description of the change including the diff
will be displayed.
\image qtcreator-vcs-log.png
\image qtcreaotr-vcs-describe.png
\section2 Annotating Files
Annotation views are obtained by selecting \gui{Annotate} or \gui{Blame}.
This will display the lines of the file prepended by the change identifier
they originate from. Clicking on the change identifier shows a detailed
description of the file.
\section2 Committing Changes
Once you have finished making changes, you can submit them to the version
control system by choosing \gui{Commit} or \gui{Submit}. Qt Creator will
display a commit page containing a text editor, where you can enter your
commit message, and a checkable list of modified files to be included.
When you are done, click \gui{Commit} to start committing. In addition,
there is a \gui{Diff selected} button that brings up a diff view of the
files selected in the file list. Since the commit page is just another
editor, you can go back to it by closing the diff view. Alternatively, you
can view it from the editor combo box showing the \gui{Opened files}.
\image qtcreator-vcs-commit.png
\section2 Menu Entries Specific to git
The git sub-menu contains additional entries:
\i \gui{Stash}
\i Stash local changes prior to executing a \bold{pull}.
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