Commit f615efec authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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QML wizards: Change names and descriptions.

Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen
parent 117bd1f5
......@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ namespace Internal {
QmlProjectApplicationWizardDialog::QmlProjectApplicationWizardDialog(QWidget *parent) :
setWindowTitle(tr("New QML Project"));
setIntroDescription(tr("This wizard generates a QML application project."));
setWindowTitle(tr("New Qt Quick UI Project"));
setIntroDescription(tr("This wizard generates a Qt Quick UI project."));
......@@ -62,11 +62,14 @@ Core::BaseFileWizardParameters QmlProjectApplicationWizard::parameters()
Core::BaseFileWizardParameters parameters(ProjectWizard);
parameters.setDisplayName(tr("Qt QML Application"));
parameters.setDisplayName(tr("QML Application"));
parameters.setDisplayName(tr("Qt Quick UI"));
parameters.setId(QLatin1String("QA.QML Application"));
parameters.setDescription(tr("Creates a QML application project with a single QML file containing the main view.\n\n"
"QML application projects are executed by the Qt QML Viewer and do not need to be built."));
parameters.setDescription(tr("Creates a Qt Quick UI project with a single "
"QML file that contains the main view.\n\n"
"You can review Qt Quick UI projects in the QML Viewer and you need not build them. "
"You do not need to have the development environment installed "
"on your computer to create and run this type of projects."));
......@@ -67,11 +67,11 @@ QmlStandaloneAppWizardDialog::QmlStandaloneAppWizardDialog(QmlStandaloneAppWizar
, m_qmlSourcesPage(0)
setWindowTitle(m_type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::NewQmlFile
? tr("New QML Project")
: tr("QML Project from existing, QML Viewer-based Project"));
? tr("New Qt Quick Application")
: tr("Qt Quick Application from Existing QML Directory"));
setIntroDescription(m_type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::NewQmlFile
? tr("This wizard generates a QML application project.")
: tr("This wizard imports an existing, QML Viewer-based application and creates a standalone version of it."));
? tr("This wizard generates a Qt Quick application project.")
: tr("This wizard imports an existing QML directory and creates a Qt Quick application project from it."));
if (m_type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::ImportQmlFile) {
m_qmlSourcesPage = new QmlStandaloneAppWizardSourcesPage;
......@@ -109,18 +109,16 @@ Core::BaseFileWizardParameters QmlStandaloneAppWizard::parameters(WizardType typ
Core::BaseFileWizardParameters parameters(ProjectWizard);
parameters.setDisplayName(type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::NewQmlFile
? tr("Qt QML Application")
: tr("Qt QML Imported Application"));
? tr("Qt Quick Application")
: tr("Import Existing QML Directory"));
parameters.setId(QLatin1String(type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::NewQmlFile
? "QA.QMLA Application"
: "QA.QMLB Imported Application"));
parameters.setDescription(type == QmlStandaloneAppWizard::NewQmlFile
? tr("Creates a mobile-deployable Qt QML application "
"project. A lightweight Qt/C++ application with a QDeclarativeView "
"and a single QML file will be created.")
: tr("Creates a mobile-deployable Qt QML application "
"project. An existing, QML Viewer-based project will be imported and a lightweight "
"Qt/C++ application with a QDeclarativeView will be created for it."));
? tr("Creates a Qt Quick application that you can deploy to mobile devices.")
: tr("Imports an existing QML directory and converts it into a "
"Qt Quick application project. "
"You can deploy the application to mobile devices."));
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