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\i \note Qt Creator currently supports \c qmake only. \c Makefile
and \c CMake support is currently unavailable.
\i \note This page describes Qt Creator's support for qmake.
For CMake suppoort see the CMake page. ###TODO add link
To modify the build settings of your project, switch to the \gui{Projects}
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-known-issues.html
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\contentspage index.html
\page creator-cmake-overview.html
\title CMake Support
With version 1.1 Qt Creator now also supports CMake project files.
\note The CMake project support is neither complete nor bug free.
\section1 Opening CMake projects
To open a CMake project use File/Open and select the toplevel
CMakeLists.txt file from your CMake project. Qt Creator will
guide you with a wizard through the open step. If the CMake project
does not have a in source build Qt Creator let's you specify the
directory in which the project is build. If you need to pass command
line arguments to CMake for your project, you can also do that.
For already build projects, you normally don't need to pass any
command line arguments, since CMake caches that information.
###TODO one, two pictures ? \image qtcreator-import-wizard.png
\section1 Building CMake Projects
Qt Creator builds CMake Projects by running make or mingw32-make,
depending on your platform. The build errors and warnings are parsed
and displayed in the Build Issues output pane.
By default Qt Creator builds the "all" target. You can change which
targets get build in the Project/Build Settings.
### \image qtcreator-build-settings.png
Currently only one build configuration is supported and the
build directory can't be changed after the initial import. This
limitation will be fixed for the next version.
\section1 Running CMake Projects
Qt Creator automatically adds Run Configurations for all the
targets specified in the CMake project file.
\section1 Know Issues
\o No syntax highlighting for CMake project files.
\o Project files which are included from CMakeLists.txt aren't
shown in the navigation tree.
\o Using the visual studio compiler with CMake is not yet
\o Qt Creator doesn't support creating new CMake projects.
\o More than one build directory is not supported.
\o Changing the build directory after the initial import
is currently disabled.
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