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Documentation: Explain external library handling.

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\o \l{Debugging with Qt Creator}
\o \l{CMake Support in Qt Creator}
\o \l{Support for Generic Projects in Qt Creator}
\o \l{Handling External Libraries}
\o \l{Tips and Tricks}
\o \l{Keyboard Shortcuts}
\o \l{Glossary}
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\title CMake Support in Qt Creator
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\title Support for Generic Projects in Qt Creator
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\title Handling External Libraries
Knowing external libraries is not only important for the
underlying build system, but also for Qt Creator itself.
This way, it can support code completion and syntax highlighting
for external libraries as if they were part of the current
project or the Qt library.
The way to add a library to the project depends on the
project type, which influcences the build system used.
The following sections describe the the procedure required
for each project type.
\section1 QMake Projects (the default)
Open your your (ending in \c{.pro}) file from the
\gui{Projects} pane, which will now show up in the editor.
Follow the description in the
{Declaring other Libraries} section of the Qt documentation.
If your project does sucessfully build and link against
the external library, syntax completion and highlighting
should also work.
\section1 CMake Projects
In CMake, libaries are usually detected using the \c{FIND_PACKAGE()} macro.
A couple of them are already being shipped with CMake, they can be found in
the \c{Modules} directory of your CMake installation. If you provide
libraries on your own, you will need to provide your own \c{FindFoo.cmake}
file. Refer to the \l{}
{CMake FAQ} for details.
As with qmake project, syntax completion and highlighting should work if
you can sucessfully build and link against the external library.
\section1 Generic Projects
If you import a project using the \e{Generic Projects} function, Qt Creator will
create a file called \c{<projectname>.includes} in your project root directory. It will
contain all project subdirectories it that was able to find relevant header files in.
Simply add your include pathes there.
Note that in Generic Project mode, Qt Creator will refrain from touching any
project settings, so the above is merely a hint for the code completion and
the syntax highlighter.
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\previouspage creator-external-library-handling.html
\page creator-tips.html
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