Commit f8a29ea4 authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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parent 394cad3f
......@@ -93,12 +93,12 @@ OpenPagesManager &OpenPagesManager::instance()
return *m_instance;
QWidget* OpenPagesManager::openPagesWidget() const
QWidget *OpenPagesManager::openPagesWidget() const
return m_openPagesWidget;
QComboBox* OpenPagesManager::openPagesComboBox() const
QComboBox *OpenPagesManager::openPagesComboBox() const
return m_comboBox;
......@@ -57,8 +57,8 @@ public:
static OpenPagesManager &instance();
QWidget* openPagesWidget() const;
QComboBox* openPagesComboBox() const;
QWidget *openPagesWidget() const;
QComboBox *openPagesComboBox() const;
int pageCount() const;
void setupInitialPages();
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