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Add information about using code pasting with git (new commands added by Friedemann).

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\section1 Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets
In Qt Creator, you can paste snippets of code onto the server or fetch
In Qt Creator, you can paste snippets of code to a server or fetch
snippets of code from the server. To paste and fetch snippets of code,
Qt Creator uses the following:
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\o \gui{Pastebin.Ca}
You can configure the server from \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} >
To configure the server, select \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} >
\gui{Code Pasting}.
To paste a snippet of code onto the server, select \gui{Tools} >
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To fetch a snippet of code from the server, select \gui{Tools} >
\gui{Code Pasting} > \gui{Fetch Snippet...} or press \key{Alt+C,Alt+F}.
\note For using \gui{Pastebin.Com}, you need to configure the domain
\note To use \gui{Pastebin.Com}, configure the domain
prefix in \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} > \gui{Code Pasting} >
For example, you might ask colleagues to review a change that you plan to
submit to a version control system. If you use the git version control system,
you can create a \e{diff} view by selecting \gui{Tools} > \gui{Git} >
\gui{Diff Repository}. You can then upload its contents to the server by choosing
\gui{Tools} > \gui{Code Pasting} > \gui{Paste Snippet...}. The reviewers can retrieve
the code snippet by selecting \gui{Tools} > \gui{Code Pasting} > \gui{Fetch Snippet...}.
If they have the project currently opened in Qt Creator, they can apply and test
the change by choosing \gui{Tools} > \gui{Git} > \gui{Apply Patch}.
\section1 Using FakeVim Mode
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