Commit ff658ccc authored by Tim Jenssen's avatar Tim Jenssen
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fix spelling commmand -> command

Change-Id: I293a3d2be055634c3fd798c4f344a6d77d50206c
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent 082a4836
......@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ DumpCommandParameters::ParseOptionResult DumpCommandParameters::parseOption(Stri
// Display local variables of symbol group in GDBMI or debug output form.
// Takes an optional iname which is expanded before displaying (for updateWatchData)
static std::string commmandLocals(ExtensionCommandContext &commandExtCtx,PCSTR args, int *token, std::string *errorMessage)
static std::string commandLocals(ExtensionCommandContext &commandExtCtx,PCSTR args, int *token, std::string *errorMessage)
typedef WatchesSymbolGroup::InameExpressionMap InameExpressionMap;
typedef InameExpressionMap::value_type InameExpressionMapEntry;
......@@ -565,7 +565,7 @@ extern "C" HRESULT CALLBACK locals(CIDebugClient *client, PCSTR args)
ExtensionCommandContext exc(client);
std::string errorMessage;
int token;
const std::string output = commmandLocals(exc, args, &token, &errorMessage);
const std::string output = commandLocals(exc, args, &token, &errorMessage);
SymbolGroupValue::verbose = 0;
if (output.empty())
ExtensionContext::instance().report('N', token, 0, "locals", errorMessage.c_str());
......@@ -1652,7 +1652,7 @@ public:
EventResult handleEvent(QKeyEvent *ev);
bool wantsOverride(QKeyEvent *ev);
bool parseExCommmand(QString *line, ExCommand *cmd);
bool parseExCommand(QString *line, ExCommand *cmd);
bool parseLineRange(QString *line, ExCommand *cmd);
int parseLineAddress(QString *cmd);
void parseRangeCount(const QString &line, Range *range) const;
......@@ -5280,7 +5280,7 @@ void FakeVimHandler::Private::setCurrentRange(const Range &range)
g.rangemode = range.rangemode;
bool FakeVimHandler::Private::parseExCommmand(QString *line, ExCommand *cmd)
bool FakeVimHandler::Private::parseExCommand(QString *line, ExCommand *cmd)
*cmd = ExCommand();
if (line->isEmpty())
......@@ -6052,7 +6052,7 @@ bool FakeVimHandler::Private::handleExSourceCommand(const ExCommand &cmd)
//qDebug() << "EXECUTING: " << line;
ExCommand cmd;
QString commandLine = QString::fromLocal8Bit(line);
while (parseExCommmand(&commandLine, &cmd)) {
while (parseExCommand(&commandLine, &cmd)) {
if (!handleExCommandHelper(cmd))
......@@ -6092,7 +6092,7 @@ void FakeVimHandler::Private::handleExCommand(const QString &line0)
ExCommand cmd;
QString lastCommand = line;
while (parseExCommmand(&line, &cmd)) {
while (parseExCommand(&line, &cmd)) {
if (!handleExCommandHelper(cmd)) {
showMessage(MessageError, Tr::tr("Not an editor command: %1").arg(lastCommand));
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