Commit ffa66f4f authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Fixed the global completion to include the injected class name and user types.

parent f579e266
......@@ -941,7 +941,7 @@ void CppCodeCompletion::globalCompletion(Scope *currentScope)
if (symbols.first()->isNamespace())
completeClass(currentBinding, false);
......@@ -1440,6 +1440,8 @@ void CppCodeCompletion::completeClass(ClassOrNamespace *b, bool staticLookup)
addCompletionItem(scope->owner()); // add a completion item for the injected class name.
for (Scope::iterator it = scope->firstSymbol(); it != scope->lastSymbol(); ++it) {
Symbol *member = *it;
if (member->isFriend())
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