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Important changes:
- provider configuration is now done directly under the `provider`
- `mutagen` folder sharing is now done via `shared_folders` config;
  the `mutagen` role continues to work, but is deprecated
- The `reverse` mutagen mode has been removed

  - role: mutagen
      - ~/qt/dev
  - role: virtualbox
    key: value

    - ~/qt/dev
  - key: value

Role changes:
- New: webengine-builder installs packages needed for building
  QtWebEngine on Windows and Ubuntu
- New: generic `msvc` provisioning, defaults to 2022 but can be
- `mingw` installs 10.2.0 by default
- roles can now declare dependencies and can be parameterized aliases of
  other roles

AWS support:
- improvements to packaging, more cleaning up to save space
- AWS command to clean up ingress rules
- AWS command for creating persistent volumes
- Support for attaching disks via `storage` configuration (on AWS
  and Azure; experimental vagrant feature with local providers)

Job improvements:
- If `run` starts the machine, then it will wait for file system syncing
  to be completed before starting the job
- `run` command prints summary of warnings and error output lines at end
- `build` job: the build name specified with `--build` can now contain
- `test` job has been renamed to `selftest`

Other improvements:

- Improvements to setup scripts (virtualbox and vmware discovery, mutagen
  version bumped to 0.13.1)
- Fixes to the automatic update-check
- `gui` connects automatically via vnc on cloud-hosted Linux boxes
- Improvements to X server discovery on Linux boxes running in the cloud
- systemd support for Xvfb and vnc server on Linux
- Added experimental support for folder sharing via rsync
- if folder sharing is disabled, guest-utility scripts are uploaded
- basebox maintenance: macOS 10.15 box for vmware_desktop