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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.19
    v0.19 tag
    minicoin now supports vagrant 2.3 (use at least version 2.3.3), and through
    that VMware Fusion 13, and VirtualBox 7. Brave souls might want to try to
    bring up VMs with either of those hypervisor on ARM hosts (Linux images
    are available on the vagrant cloud).
    Basebox updates
    * Windows 11 image for VMware Fusion has been upgraded to the latest build
      from the Insider Programme's dev channel.
    Notable bug fixes
    * various fixes when reading and merging the local configuration
    * use the MINICOIN_USER_DIR environment variable to change the location of
      user specific configurations (defaults to ~/minicoin)
    * build: don't add '--' seperator to configure arguments if it's already set
    * qt-builder
      * OpenSUSE: install xcb-util-cursor-devel explicitly
      * fixed the URL of packages for the (optional) installation of the mysql
        client SDK
    AWS support
    * use keypair "minicoin" if present when creating instances, which makes it
      then possible to access machines through the AWS console
    * turn off password requirements for Windows machines in AWS, and escape '$'
      in the scripts
    * start WinRM service on Windows machine to accelerate first boot
    Azure support
    * if an AZURE_CLIENT_ID environment variable is set, use that instead of
      reading the client ID from the account
    Thanks for contributions to Eddy, Alexandru, Tor Arne!
  • v0.18
    New features
    - new 'machine' command with 'add', 'remove', 'list' subcommands
      to add and remove machines from a library of ready-made machines.
      Rarely used machines are moved from the global minicoin.yml file
      into the library and can be installed explicitly.
    Basebox news
    - macOS 12 box is now 12.5 beta
    - Windows 11 box security updates
    - first version of a Windows 11 22H2 box
    - AWS: AMIs are updated, and the default instance type is changed
      from t2.2xlarge to t3.2xlarge
    Provisioning improvements
    - Windows: create shared folders for I/O tests with UNC paths
    - speechd provisioning fixes on Ubuntu 22.04
    - android emulator is started ignoring snapshots
    - AWS: the name tag is now set on instances
    - AWS: the Windows firewall is open for RDP traffic
  • v0.17
    61ffe25a · Windows 11 box updates ·
    General fixes and improvements:
    - Role cleanup using dependencies between roles
    - Provider can be passed to 'run' command
    - Mutagen waits for sync to complete in 'run' commands
    - Fixes and improvements to jobconfig selection flow
    - Improvements to evaluation of conditional settings
    - SQL driver SDKs can be installed as part of the "qt-builder"
    - linux-builder and Windows specific compiler roles have been
      merged into the qt-builder role
    - New role: qtspeech-builder for Linux machines, installs flite
      and libspeechd dependencies
    - New role: dev-tools, installs general purpose tools on all
    - Role rename: webengine-builder is now qtwebengine-builder
    - "build" now runs the make tool with -k, continuing after error
    - "install-online" has been adapted to changes in Qt Installer,
      installing only essential tools by default
    - multiple compilers can be installed, jobconfigs are added
      and can be chosen when multiple compilers are detected
    - MinGW version bumped to
    - Improved error handling during boot
    - GTK3 SDK is installed on CentOS8, enabling the respective theme
      when building Qt
    - macOS 12 box updated to 12.4 beta
    - SDK and API level bumped to 31
    - emulator defaults now to an x86_64 based image
  • v0.16
    Important changes:
    - provider configuration is now done directly under the `provider`
    - `mutagen` folder sharing is now done via `shared_folders` config;
      the `mutagen` role continues to work, but is deprecated
    - The `reverse` mutagen mode has been removed
      - role: mutagen
          - ~/qt/dev
      - role: virtualbox
        key: value
        - ~/qt/dev
      - key: value
    Role changes:
    - New: webengine-builder installs packages needed for building
      QtWebEngine on Windows and Ubuntu
    - New: generic `msvc` provisioning, defaults to 2022 but can be
    - `mingw` installs 10.2.0 by default
    - roles can now declare dependencies and can be parameterized aliases of
      other roles
    AWS support:
    - improvements to packaging, more cleaning up to save space
    - AWS command to clean up ingress rules
    - AWS command for creating persistent volumes
    - Support for attaching disks via `storage` configuration (on AWS
      and Azure; experimental vagrant feature with local providers)
    Job improvements:
    - If `run` starts the machine, then it will wait for file system syncing
      to be completed before starting the job
    - `run` command prints summary of warnings and error output lines at end
    - `build` job: the build name specified with `--build` can now contain
    - `test` job has been renamed to `selftest`
    Other improvements:
    - Improvements to setup scripts (virtualbox and vmware discovery, mutagen
      version bumped to 0.13.1)
    - Fixes to the automatic update-check
    - `gui` connects automatically via vnc on cloud-hosted Linux boxes
    - Improvements to X server discovery on Linux boxes running in the cloud
    - systemd support for Xvfb and vnc server on Linux
    - Added experimental support for folder sharing via rsync
    - if folder sharing is disabled, guest-utility scripts are uploaded
    - basebox maintenance: macOS 10.15 box for vmware_desktop
  • v0.15
    v0.15 release - February 2022
    Note: existing machines will need to be reloaded, and might need to be
    recreated after this update!
    - AWS is now supported as a provider 👏
      - ready-made and publicly available boxes for Linux, Windows, and macOS
      - configure a security group that allows traffic only from the host's
        public IP address
      - key-based ssh authentication using the host user's key pair
      - optional auto-shutdown support to stop idle instances
      - with VNC GUI access via vnc-server role (needs to be added explicitly)
        to Linux
    - base box maintanance 🔧
      - Windows 10 Azure image upgraded to 20H2
      - macOS 11 and 12 upgraded to latest available versions
      - keyboard navigation is now enabled on macOS, unit tests relying on
        focus changes by tabbing now pass
    - provisioning improvements 🛠
      - android-emulator improvements
      - vnc-server role implemented for Linux using x11vnc
      - linux-desktop role falls back to Xvfb if there's no screen, enabling
        it on cloud instances
      - install provisioners are now merged correctly
    - job improvements 🏃
      - pass the Qt host-tools path to projects when building on an Android
        builder box
      - update the qmake/qt-cmake wrapper scripts more frequently to make it
        easier to switch Qt versions
      - call the configure script explicitly using /bin/bash
    - other plumbing 🐞
      - recreate mutagen sync when a machine's ssh port forwarding changes
      - fix the upgrade logic in the Windows installer script
      - old boxes are removed from the default minicoin.yml file
  • v0.14
    November 2021, week 45
    From now on, macOS images will only be provided for the
    VMware provider.
    - macOS 11 image updated to 11.6.1
    - macOS 12 image updated to 12.1 beta
    - various improvements for the android-builder role
    - ctest runner job: $ minicoin run ctest [machine]
    - support for per-minicoin-run machine settings
    - install-online job installs 6.2.0
    - bump mutagen to v0.12.0, remove workaround for bug in
  • v0.13
    October 2021, week 41
    - Windows 11 images for virtualbox and vmware_desktop
      providers now based on officially released version
    - macOS 12: image for vmware_desktop available, based
      on beta version
    - macOS: improved debug logging for sshfs plugin
    - linux-builder: bump cmake version to 3.21.2
    - OpenSUSE15: work around display driver issues with
    - OpenSUSE15: stream-line provisioning of KDE Plasma
    - Improved customization options for provider specific
    - build job fix: generate helper script when qmake target
      is built explicitly
    - Azure provider: update to latest protocol changes
  • v0.12
    September 2021, week 36
    - fix OpenSUSE 15.3 provisioning, the display driver installed in
      the box is buggy, resulting in a black screen after trying to
      start the plasma desktop. Uninstalling the driver works.
    - Windows: auto-confirm the chocolatey upgrade prompts
    - installer script supports debian host
  • v0.11
    August 2021 week 33
    - update macOS 11 box to 11.5.2
    - update Windows 10 box, latest security fixes applied
      (but still Windows 10 20H2)
    - first version of box for Windows 11, based on beta
    - remove windows7 machine from default minicoin.yml,
      add windows11
    - minor fixes to base box maintenance scripts
    - install gstreamer requirements for linux-builder
  • v0.10
    d3439dc3 · Remove outdated roles ·
    April 2021 week 14
    - Provisioning fixes for Linux machines
    - improved interaction with terminal for run command
    - minor fixes to setup
    - fix environment variable handling on host side
  • v0.9
    March 2021 week 12
    - dialog to wake up or quit jobs between runs
    - support crossplatform pre/post run scripts in ruby
    - runner fixes on Windows host
    - install-online works on Windows hosts
    - various fixes to installer on Windows
  • v0.8
    Fixes for Azure
    Improvements to Linux boxes:
    - add OpenSUSE 15 box
    - auto-login
    - turn screen locker off
    - better compiler search
    - centos8 builder fixes
  • v0.7
    March 2021 Week 11
    - environment variables for jobs
    gui command
    download command
    - install-online job can search and sets up qmake/qt-cmake wrappers
    use scheduled tasks on Windows
    limit progress lines to terminal width
    continuous builds, triggered by fs changes
    mutagen wait and list subcommands
  • v0.6
    March 2021 Week 10 release
    Further polishing of runner and interrupt handling
    Improved output processing with per-job matchers
  • v0.5
    March 2021.3
    More fixes to install scripts for Linux
  • v0.4
    March 2021.2
    Fixes to setup script
    Lots of run improvements
  • v0.3
    March 2021
  • v0.2
    ecc2aafb · Remove dead code ·
    February 2021