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General fixes and improvements:
- Role cleanup using dependencies between roles
- Provider can be passed to 'run' command
- Mutagen waits for sync to complete in 'run' commands
- Fixes and improvements to jobconfig selection flow
- Improvements to evaluation of conditional settings

- SQL driver SDKs can be installed as part of the "qt-builder"
- linux-builder and Windows specific compiler roles have been
  merged into the qt-builder role
- New role: qtspeech-builder for Linux machines, installs flite
  and libspeechd dependencies
- New role: dev-tools, installs general purpose tools on all
- Role rename: webengine-builder is now qtwebengine-builder

- "build" now runs the make tool with -k, continuing after error
- "install-online" has been adapted to changes in Qt Installer,
  installing only essential tools by default

- multiple compilers can be installed, jobconfigs are added
  and can be chosen when multiple compilers are detected
- MinGW version bumped to
- Improved error handling during boot

- GTK3 SDK is installed on CentOS8, enabling the respective theme
  when building Qt

- macOS 12 box updated to 12.4 beta

- SDK and API level bumped to 31
- emulator defaults now to an x86_64 based image