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New features

- new 'machine' command with 'add', 'remove', 'list' subcommands
  to add and remove machines from a library of ready-made machines.
  Rarely used machines are moved from the global minicoin.yml file
  into the library and can be installed explicitly.

Basebox news

- macOS 12 box is now 12.5 beta
- Windows 11 box security updates
- first version of a Windows 11 22H2 box
- AWS: AMIs are updated, and the default instance type is changed
  from t2.2xlarge to t3.2xlarge

Provisioning improvements

- Windows: create shared folders for I/O tests with UNC paths
- speechd provisioning fixes on Ubuntu 22.04
- android emulator is started ignoring snapshots
- AWS: the name tag is now set on instances
- AWS: the Windows firewall is open for RDP traffic