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v0.19 tag

minicoin now supports vagrant 2.3 (use at least version 2.3.3), and through
that VMware Fusion 13, and VirtualBox 7. Brave souls might want to try to
bring up VMs with either of those hypervisor on ARM hosts (Linux images
are available on the vagrant cloud).

Basebox updates

* Windows 11 image for VMware Fusion has been upgraded to the latest build
  from the Insider Programme's dev channel.

Notable bug fixes

* various fixes when reading and merging the local configuration
* use the MINICOIN_USER_DIR environment variable to change the location of
  user specific configurations (defaults to ~/minicoin)


* build: don't add '--' seperator to configure arguments if it's already set


* qt-builder
  * OpenSUSE: install xcb-util-cursor-devel explicitly
  * fixed the URL of packages for the (optional) installation of the mysql
    client SDK

AWS support

* use keypair "minicoin" if present when creating instances, which makes it
  then possible to access machines through the AWS console
* turn off password requirements for Windows machines in AWS, and escape '$'
  in the scripts
* start WinRM service on Windows machine to accelerate first boot

Azure support

* if an AZURE_CLIENT_ID environment variable is set, use that instead of
  reading the client ID from the account

Thanks for contributions to Eddy, Alexandru, Tor Arne!