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Doc - More cleanups of the changelog

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......@@ -25,15 +25,16 @@ Editing
* FakeVim mode has received further improvements.
* It is now possible to disable Ctrl+Click navigation.
* An optional XCode-style tab indentation has been added.
* Ui changes are added immediately to the code model
* Fixed possibly missing code completion with mingw toolchain
* Added option for turning antialiasing of text editor fonts off
* Added searching with regular expressions in text editors
* Added an action that deletes a line without copying it
* Added copy line up/down actions (Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down)
* Ui changes now propagate immediately to the code model.
* Fixed possibly missing code completion with MinGW toolchain.
* Added option for turning off antialiasing of text editor fonts.
* It is now possible to search within the text editor using regular
* Added an action to delete a line without copying it.
* Added actions to copy a line up/down (Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down).
Building and Running
* New options: Auto-Save before Build and Run without building
* A new option Auto-Save before Build and Run has been added.
* Environment settings
* Fixed bug that prevented use of Qt 4 with version < 4.2
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