Commit 56523377 authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Some adjustments signed/unsigned

parent 09c009c9
......@@ -232,10 +232,10 @@ void CppHoverHandler::identifyMatch(TextEditor::ITextEditor *editor, int pos)
bool CppHoverHandler::matchDiagnosticMessage(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document,
const int line)
unsigned line)
foreach (const Document::DiagnosticMessage &m, document->diagnosticMessages()) {
if (m.line() == unsigned(line)) {
if (m.line() == line) {
m_toolTip = m.text();
return true;
......@@ -243,10 +243,10 @@ bool CppHoverHandler::matchDiagnosticMessage(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &doc
return false;
bool CppHoverHandler::matchIncludeFile(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, const int line)
bool CppHoverHandler::matchIncludeFile(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, unsigned line)
foreach (const Document::Include &includeFile, document->includes()) {
if (includeFile.line() == unsigned(line)) {
if (includeFile.line() == line) {
m_toolTip = QDir::toNativeSeparators(includeFile.fileName());
const QString &fileName = QFileInfo(includeFile.fileName()).fileName();
m_helpCandidates.append(HelpCandidate(fileName, fileName, HelpCandidate::Include));
......@@ -256,11 +256,11 @@ bool CppHoverHandler::matchIncludeFile(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document,
return false;
bool CppHoverHandler::matchMacroInUse(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, const int pos)
bool CppHoverHandler::matchMacroInUse(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, unsigned pos)
foreach (const Document::MacroUse &use, document->macroUses()) {
if (use.contains(pos)) {
const int begin = use.begin();
const unsigned begin = use.begin();
const QString &name = use.macro().name();
if (pos < begin + name.length()) {
m_toolTip = use.macro().toString();
......@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@ private:
void resetMatchings();
void identifyMatch(TextEditor::ITextEditor *editor, int pos);
bool matchDiagnosticMessage(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, const int line);
bool matchIncludeFile(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, const int line);
bool matchMacroInUse(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, const int pos);
bool matchDiagnosticMessage(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, unsigned line);
bool matchIncludeFile(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, unsigned line);
bool matchMacroInUse(const CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr &document, unsigned pos);
void handleLookupItemMatch(const CPlusPlus::LookupItem &lookupItem,
const bool assignTooltip);
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