Commit f244008a authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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don't translate debug messages

this isn't bullet-proof - integrated error messages are already
translated. but at least we know *where* the message comes from.
also, saves the translators from some pretty useless work.
parent 293b49ae
......@@ -3798,16 +3798,15 @@ void GdbEngine::tryLoadDebuggingHelpers()
SharedLibraryInjector injector(inferiorPid());
QString errorMessage;
if (injector.remoteInject(lib, false, &errorMessage)) {
debugMessage(tr("Dumper injection loading triggered (%1)...").arg(lib));
debugMessage(_("Dumper injection loading triggered (%1)...").arg(lib));
} else {
debugMessage(tr("Dumper loading (%1) failed: %2").arg(lib, errorMessage));
debugMessage(_("Dumper loading (%1) failed: %2").arg(lib, errorMessage));
m_debuggingHelperState = DebuggingHelperUnavailable;
} else {
debugMessage(tr("Loading dumpers via debugger call (%1)...").arg(lib));
debugMessage(_("Loading dumpers via debugger call (%1)...").arg(lib));
postCommand(_("sharedlibrary .*")); // for LoadLibraryA
//postCommand(_("handle SIGSEGV pass stop print"));
//postCommand(_("set unwindonsignal off"));
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