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Doc: experimental ClearCase plugin

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\o Bazaar
\o \l{}
\o \QC 2.2 and later
\o ClearCase
\o \l{}
\i Experimental plugin in \QC 2.6
\o CVS
\o \l{}
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\section2 Using Additional CVS Functions
\section2 Using Additional ClearCase Functions
IBM Rational ClearCase is a version control, workspace management, parallel
development support, and build automation solution developed by IBM. The
ClearCase client plugin is an experimental plugin that you can enable by
selecting \gui Help > \gui {About Plugins} > \gui {Version Control} >
\gui ClearCase. The ClearCase client plugin is available on Linux and
Windows for accessing a ClearCase server.
The \gui ClearCase submenu contains the following additional items:
\o Menu Item
\o Description
\o \gui{Check In}
\o Create a permanent new version of the current file or all files
in the versioned object base (VOB).
\o \gui{Check In Activity}
\o Check in checked-out versions in the change set of the current
Unified Change Management (UCM) activity.
\o \gui{Check Out}
\o Create a writable copy of a branch. If you check out files in a
UCM view, they are added to the change set of the UCM activity.
\o \gui{Undo Check Out}
\o Cancel the checkout for a file and delete the checked-out
\o \gui{Undo Hijack}
\o Resolve hijacked files. If you change the read-only attribute of
a file that is loaded into a snapshot view and modify the file
without checking it out, you \e hijack the file.
\section2 Using Additional CVS Functions
CVS is an open source version control system.
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