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    Switch less often to edit mode · 7c8db798
    Eike Ziller authored
    This change
    * Removes IMode::type, ModeManager::activateModeType, and
      IEditor::preferredModeType, and adds IEditor::isDesignModePreferred
    * Adapts the mode switching code in EditorManager to handle multiple
      windows, for example switching to edit mode should only happen if
      the editor/view is in the main window. Otherwise the editor window
      should be raised and focused
    * Renames EditorManager::NoActivate --> DoNotChangeCurrentEditor
    * Reverts the EditorManager::ModeSwitch logic to switch mode or
      make the current editor visible by default, introducing
      DoNotMakeVisible flag instead
    * Fixes a few instances where EditorManager::ModeSwitch should have been
    One non-trivial problem left: If you open a .ui file and switch to an
    external editor window, edit mode is activated, because the current
    editor no longer is a .ui file, which means that the design mode gets
    Change-Id: I76c5c2391eb4090143b778fb103acff3a5a1ff41
    Reviewed-by: default avatarDavid Schulz <david.schulz@digia.com>