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\l{Setting Up a Generic Project}.
To change the location of the project directory, and to make changes in
the build and run settings, select \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} >
\gui{Projects} > \gui{General}.
\section1 External Libraries
Through external libraries Qt Creator can support code completion and
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\image qtcreator-locator-customize.png
\o In the \gui Options window click \gui Add.
\o In the \gui{Filter Configuration} dialog:
\o In the \gui{Options...} window click \gui Add.
\o In the \gui{Filters} dialog:
\o Name your filter.
\o Select at least one directory. The locator searches directories
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\section1 Using the Filter in Options Dialog
To find specific settings you require in \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options}
To find specific settings you require in \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...}
use the filter located at the top left of the Options dialog box.
......@@ -3998,7 +4002,7 @@
If an instance of a class is derived from QObject, and you would like to
find all other objects connected to one of your object's slots using
Qt's signals and slots mechanism, select \gui Tools > \gui Options...
> \gui{Debugging Helper} > \gui{Use Debugging Helper}.
> \gui{Debugger} > \gui{Debugging Helper} > \gui{Use Debugging Helper}.
In the \gui{Locals and Watchers} view, expand the object's entry and open
the slot in the \e slots subitem. The objects connected to this slot are
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