Commit 99b2020c authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Check the type of the token that triggered the completion.

parent ffa66f4f
......@@ -634,8 +634,10 @@ int CppCodeCompletion::startPosition() const
bool CppCodeCompletion::triggersCompletion(TextEditor::ITextEditable *editor)
const int pos = editor->position();
if (startOfOperator(editor, pos, /*token =*/ 0, /*want function call=*/ true) != pos) {
if (m_completionOperator == T_POUND) {
unsigned token = T_EOF_SYMBOL;
if (startOfOperator(editor, pos, &token, /*want function call=*/ true) != pos) {
if (token == T_POUND) {
if (TextEditor::BaseTextEditor *edit = qobject_cast<TextEditor::BaseTextEditor *>(editor->widget())) {
QTextCursor tc(edit->document());
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