Commit a1664c12 authored by con's avatar con
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Avoid changing text on toggle menu item.

We actually only want to change the tool tip.

Reviewed-by: Thorbjørn Lindeijer
parent 3a82e229
......@@ -220,9 +220,9 @@ QAbstractItemModel *NavigationWidget::factoryModel() const
void NavigationWidget::updateToggleText()
if (isShown())
d->m_toggleSideBarAction->setText(tr("Hide Sidebar"));
d->m_toggleSideBarAction->setToolTip(tr("Hide Sidebar"));
d->m_toggleSideBarAction->setText(tr("Show Sidebar"));
d->m_toggleSideBarAction->setToolTip(tr("Show Sidebar"));
void NavigationWidget::placeHolderChanged(NavigationWidgetPlaceHolder *holder)
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