Commit a3c8a39e authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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CDB: Fix attaching to a crashed process.

parent f240ceb4
......@@ -707,10 +707,17 @@ bool CdbDebugEngine::startAttachDebugger(qint64 pid, DebuggerStartMode sm, QStri
// Need to attrach invasively, otherwise, no notification signals
// for for CreateProcess/ExitProcess occur.
// As of version 6.11, the initial breakpoint suppression has no effect (see notifyException).
// when attaching to a console process starting up. However, there is no initial breakpoint
// (and no startup trap), when attaching to a running GUI process.
// Initial breakpoint occur:
// 1) Desired: When attaching to a crashed process
// 2) Undesired: When starting up a console process, in conjunction
// with the 32bit Wow-engine
// As of version 6.11, the flag only affects 1). 2) Still needs to be suppressed
// by lookup at the state of the application (startup trap). However,
// there is no startup trap when attaching to a process that has been
// running for a while. (see notifyException).
if (manager()->startParameters()->startMode != AttachCrashedExternal)
const HRESULT hr = m_d->m_cif.debugClient->AttachProcess(NULL, pid, flags);
if (debugCDB)
qDebug() << "Attaching to " << pid << " using flags" << flags << " returns " << hr << executionStatusString(m_d->m_cif.debugControl);
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