Commit df56b106 authored by Roberto Raggi's avatar Roberto Raggi
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Don't add the objc++ keywords to the completion box.

parent cac3bd17
......@@ -765,7 +765,7 @@ bool CppCodeCompletion::completeScope(const QList<TypeOfExpression::Result> &res
void CppCodeCompletion::addKeywords()
// keyword completion items.
for (int i = T_FIRST_KEYWORD; i < T_FIRST_QT_KEYWORD; ++i) {
for (int i = T_FIRST_KEYWORD; i < T_FIRST_OBJC_AT_KEYWORD; ++i) {
TextEditor::CompletionItem item(this);
item.m_text = QLatin1String(Token::name(i));
item.m_icon = m_icons.keywordIcon();
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